MINDSET was created to bring science-based solutions to the forefront in an approach that ensures data collection, specialized data analysis, and objective results. We have been providing validated brain data analysis for the legal market since 2012.

Our team shares a passionate belief: 

A need for robust and user-friendly tools and educational support exists at the intersection of law and brain injury science. Only the best evidence-based and well-validated brain injury science should be available for your use.


We consider what our customers have to say about us to be the gold standard of indicators on how we are doing:

We have been working with Mindset for over a year as a partner in our TBI CHEQ Program. The knowledge, professionalism, and attention to detail combined with their willingness to work directly with our attorneys and help them with their cases has not only kept our attorneys happy and productive, but also keeps us very informed and well cared for.

We were so happy to report that our client had a life-changing outcome as a result of our work with MINDSET's Case Consulting practice. We could not have arrived at a plea without their hard work. We are incredibly grateful for their dedication to our case and to the tough work that had to be done. We are all celebrating!

Having worked in the mTBI space for ten years and vetting many companies and tools, I feel confident in saying, there is no better screening tool for attorneys than TBI CHEQ. It is THE ANSWER they have been waiting for and wanting to identify clients within their caseload who may have a mild to moderate brain injury. Hands down, the best tool to identify this is TBI CHEQ!

The Team

We are an award-winning team fueled by passion for impact and a workplace culture that rewards thinkers, fixers, do-ers, and better solution makers! With over 85 years of combined experience,  we have a hard-hitting and perfectly seasoned team in place to help.

Lyn Kiehl, M.A., J.D.
Founder & CEO

Lyn is a lawyer, but enthusiastically refers to herself as a science nerd at heart. She has served as Research Director, Center for Law, Science & Innovation, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University, from where she also received her law degree. There, she developed her unique expertise around the ethical, legal, and social implications of emerging technologies, such as neuroscience, nanotechnology, genetic, and robotic. Work with legal defense teams on capital cases led to focusing on the unmet needs of attorneys working to understand abnormalities, neuroimaging data, and expert testimony related to all types of traumatic brain injuries.

Jason Kerkmans, J.D.
Founder & President

Free moments are spent fly rod in hand, but day-to-day, Jason’s expertise in the admissibility of scientific and expert evidence and testimony underscores our products and services. A Certified Brain Injury Specialist, Jason has also worked on briefing for the United States Supreme Court, the New Mexico Legislature, and on numerous federal and state evidence admissibility filings. He has been appointed by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham to serve on the New Mexico Brain Injury Advisory Council, writes for legal publications, has presented on science and the law at conferences around the world, and has taught at the University of New Mexico School of Law.

Hannah Farrington, CPM
CCO & Head of People Operations

Hannah is a seasoned executive leader, and a tenacious  problem-solver with a dynamic track record of achieving transformational change, investment, and increase across a diversity of industries. She is a former law school assistant dean, a results-getting strategic planner and a cohesive team builder. She excels at identifying, developing, and maximizing messaging and talent. Hannah is a graduate of the Pingry School, Ohio Wesleyan University, the American Management Association, and holds numerous planning, marketing, management, fundraising, and leadership certifications.

Rebecca Shore, J.D.
Case Consultation Operations Director

In addition to her law degree, Rebecca holds a B.S. in Chemistry and Psychology, and a Master's degree in Special Education, with a concentration in severe and profound disabilities, all from the University of New Mexico. Rebecca works diligently managing clients and cases in both our Case Consultation and Quantify™ product pipelines. Before completing her law degree and joining MINDSET, Rebecca was a Special Education teacher in intensive support and autism-specific programs.

Michelle Miller, M.S.
TBI CHEQ Operations Manager
Information & Systems Manage

Detail-oriented and diligent, Michelle provides wrap-around support for TBI CHEQ and more. She helps ensure the movement of internal process pipelines and provides reliable and robust support so that clients can feel prepared and satisfied. Her academic and research background has been in philosophy and forensic psychology, with a keen interest in neuroethics. In addition to her work at Mindset Integrated Co., she also serves as a university psychology department faculty member, primarily teaching statistics. When free time arises, she can be found exploring the beauty of the southwest, creating art, geeking out over emerging technologies, and enjoying cheesy jokes (What’s the best way to learn about computers? Bit by bit).

Calli Padgett Reed
Case Consultation Paralegal

After earning her Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology from Texas State University, Calli entered the legal industry as a Paralegal specializing in criminal law with a focus on Capital and Death Penalty cases. She serves as a Paralegal in our Case Consultation and CaseReview services and is currently enrolled in the graduate program at Arizona State University to obtain her Master's degree in Forensic Psychology. Deeply motivated to be a part of a society that recognizes and emphasizes the value of mental health, she plans to continue her studies and research in the field of Psychology with the goal of becoming a Clinical or Forensic Psychologist. Always the life of the party, she enjoys dancing, traveling, and quality time with her family, children, and friends.

Vikram Rao, M.S.
Senior Programmer

In his free time, Vikram enjoys badminton, tennis, cricket, and spending time talking with friends, family, and colleagues about science, home improvement, and personal finance. Vikram plays a key role in continuous development and support for Quantify data processing and analysis, an active role in research and development, and brings 12 years of solid experience working in neuroimaging, statistical analysis of medical data, and algorithm development. He has a deep understanding of software programming, machine learning, and efficient processing of large imaging datasets having played an integral part of many neuroimaging research studies with results published in top-rated academic journals.  

Diana Reynoso
Business Operations Manager

Diana enjoys spending her free time with friends and family, and her adorable miniature poodle Paco. She possesses a superior work ethic and a special knack for identifying  time and cost-saving operational improvements following more than 12 years working in law school financial aid operations and marketing in higher education. At MINDSET, Diana’s work centers around creating and supporting better, smarter, and faster day to day approaches to managing the internal processes and workflows we employ in supporting the delivery of our products and services, in addition to supporting continuous marketing and communications, and various high priority projects.

David Stephenson, PhD
Research Scientist

David received his PhD in Biological Psychology and Neuroscience from the University of New Orleans. His research domain is in neuroimaging, including the use of general linear modeling, graph theory, and machine learning to assess structural and functional connectivity of the brain. He has experience performing advanced quantitative techniques and analyses associated with variance of data sources of behavioral, physiological, brain based biomarkers, cognitive performance, and assessments of cognitive control in adult psychotic spectrum disorders (PSD) and adult and pediatric cases of traumatic brain injury (TBI).  David is passionate about statistical methodology and its application. The nature of the research conducted across many domains of data (neuroimaging, hormone, cognitive performance, behavioral measures) has necessitated developing another enjoyable skill, that of database design and management. 

Nithya Ramakrishnan, M.S.
Technical Product Manager

Nithya was most recently a senior scientific programmer at Baylor College of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral sciences. She has a background in biomedical engineering and neuroscience, and has played lead roles in developing and conducting neuroimaging, neuromodulation, and wearable device projects and optimized data analytical pipelines in a research and healthcare setting. Her area of expertise focuses on the development of signal processing techniques on electrophysiological data such as EEG and MEG to identify biomarkers of disease and treatment efficacy as well as in the context of concurrent brain stimulation such as deep brain stimulation (DBS) or transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). In addition, Nithya has worked with multidisciplinary teams, communicating technically challenging data outcomes to clinicians and has overseen numerous clinical and research protocols involving interfacing of various hardware and software equipment for multimodal neuroscience research.