Piecing together the real and unmet needs of the legal market

Our direct experience working on individual cases with a diverse range of lawyers, jurisdictions, and issues provides us with extensive insights into the unmet needs of the legal market. Our work consulting on more than 100 death penalty cases and over 550 civil cases involving issues of mental health and brain injury resulted in the marriage of real needs and our innovative solutions. 

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Our story

MINDSET creates unique science-based solutions for the legal market. Founded in 2012 as part of a larger research institute, Mindset's original vision was to simply serve as a resource for connecting lawyers with reliable science. As a lawyer who enthusiastically refers to herself as a science nerd, our founder's interest in the ethical, legal, and social implications of emerging technologies and the law was the original genesis for Mindset services. While focusing on helping attorneys understand scientific abnormalities, neuroimaging data, and expert testimony related to all types of mental health conditions, including traumatic brain injuries, felt like a boutique, and possibly very limited endeavor, in the end, an ever-increasing market emerged. Simplifying complex brain science has only become more important since then.

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